VelPro 1.1 update

The latest version of VelPro has been released today. Please welcome version 1.1! This version includes fixes to the bug that prevented users to hear some changes they made to the velocity curve until they reloaded the device. But most importantly, it introduces a handful of new features: The most requested feature of all: Presets … Continued

The first artificial intelligence for composers

I know it’s cold news, since it’s been a while already, but it’s still important to mention: Earlier this year, another project we did a lot of contracting work for saw the day of light. Orb Composer has been released by our friends at Hexachords after years of developing their artificial intelligence engine. If you’re … Continued

Play like a genius with Autotheory 4!

Here it is. The latest version of Autotheory has been released after long months of hard work and a 3 months beta period. This version, while still maintaining all the features of the previous one, lets you be even more creative than before, with new included tools. Check out this quick overview: The first thing … Continued

Learn to play your favorite songs with TranscriberTrack

For a couple of months now, has been selling TranscriberTrack, a Windows and Mac app developed by Springbeats that facilitates the work of musicians wishing to learn and transcribe their favorite songs. It lets you load any song you like by simply dragging the file onto the app: You can then use the integrated … Continued

Build a BitCrusher app using JUCE

Building a BitCrusher app with the latest versions of JUCE is fairly simple for a C++ developer, even if she’s never used JUCE before. I’m walking you through the different steps of the process in an article in the January 2017 issue of Linux Magazine France. The only caveat is… that you should be able … Continued

Audio Developer Conference 2016

Last November, we attended the Audio Developer Conference in Goldsmiths University of London. It is an event organized by the company behind the JUCE library that we, at Springbeats, use to develop audio applications for our clients and for ourselves. Two days of conference on topics related to audio programming, right in central London, which, … Continued

Springbeats Free Virtual MIDI Cable

A few months ago we released our very own Virtual MIDI Cable Driver for Microsoft Windows. Some users quickly reported that it was not recognized on the latest versions of Windows 10 (build 1607), because Microsoft now requires a different certification level than the one we had. We’re now proud to announce that we did … Continued

AutoTheory 3 Pro and Trial versions

Music theory can be a little bit scary for learning musicians and producers. The goal of AutoTheory has always been to make it more accessible to everyone. In this quest for accessibility, the teams behind AutoTheory designed a new interface for the app, that we brought to life here at Springbeats. AutoTheory 3’s new UI … Continued

New, better, clearer website!

You might have already noticed that Springbeats’ website doesn’t exactly look like before. We’ve switched servers and at the same time decided to redo the design so that it’s more coherent with what’s on the blog. Also, we were not showing properly the work we did as JUCE experts. Now if you want to hire … Continued

AutoTheory 2 is here

As you probably know, we developed a very neat tool called AutoTheory for our buddies at MozaicBeats. AutoTheory is a standalone application that acts as a MIDI controller for your Digital Audio Workstation, or any audio software that accepts MIDI input. You need to disable your MIDI Keyboard controller in your DAW and activate it … Continued