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VelPro 1.2 update

The latest version of VelPro has been released a couple of weeks ago. It’s now even easier to edit your MIDI Velocity curve. We’re now at version 1.2 thanks to all your feedback and feature requests! Let’s walk through the new features of this release: “Apply curve to notes…” dialog Copy/paste a curve to any number of notes at once with this new dialog that lets you select all the notes on the keyboard that you want the current curve to be applied to. The option is shown in the “three lines” (aka “Hamburger”) menu, along with “Apply to all…
qrs pnoscan 2 on a Steinway model F running through velpro

VelPro 1.1 update

The latest version of VelPro has been released today. Please welcome version 1.1! This version includes fixes to the bug that prevented users to hear some changes they made to the velocity curve until they reloaded the device. But most importantly, it introduces a handful of new features: The most requested feature of all: Presets for your devices You can now create as many setups as you want for a given device, simply by clicking the “+” button on the top-right corner. Give the new preset any name you want, and start modifying the curves. If you were using version…
UI overview

The first artificial intelligence for composers

I know it’s cold news, since it’s been a while already, but it’s still important to mention: Earlier this year, another project we did a lot of contracting work for saw the day of light. Orb Composer has been released by our friends at Hexachords after years of developing their artificial intelligence engine. If you’re a composer or simply a music lover, you can very quickly put a song together with Orb Composer : It will generate many things for you, based on all the AI packed in its engine. It doesn’t render sound by itself, but creates all the…
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Play like a genius with Autotheory 4!

Here it is. The latest version of Autotheory has been released after long months of hard work and a 3 months beta period. This version, while still maintaining all the features of the previous one, lets you be even more creative than before, with new included tools. Check out this quick overview: Video doesn’t exist anymore. The first thing you’ll notice after watching the video is the new user interface. It looks cleaner and lets you access the new features without compromising on simplicity. You will then probably notice the sequencer at the bottom. Autotheory now lets you record up…