Change the velocity of your MIDI instruments

VelPro lets you create a custom velocity response curve for each note of your keyboard.

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VelPro lets you create a custom velocity curve for each note of your keyboard.

Custom Response Curves
Create a personalized response curve for every note on your keyboard to improve your playing experience.
Default Response Curves
Easily customize a default velocity curve that will be applied to every note on your keyboard unless you specify otherwise.
Black and White Key Response Curves
Customize response curves for every black and white key on your keyboard to achieve the perfect touch response.
Individual Note Response Curves
Fine-tune the response curve for each individual note on your keyboard to achieve the perfect touch response.
Selective Note Response Curves
Customize response curves for a selection of notes on your keyboard to achieve the perfect touch response for specific pieces or genres.
A steinway model F upright piano with a tablet generated by AI

Apply Curves to Notes

Copy/paste a curve to any number of notes at once with this new dialog that lets you select all the notes on the keyboard that you want the current curve to be applied to.

Precise coordinates display when hovering and dragging a point

No need to guess the values anymore. You can now see the precise x and y velocity values of a point when hovering the mouse.

Also, the points now snap to a grid so that you don’t end up in between two velocities, not knowing which one will be applied.

Undo Curve Changes Easily

Every modification you make to a velocity curve can be undone / redone.

Several Presets Per Device

For the same MIDI controller, you can now store several presets in VelPro!

Your settings from version 1.0 will automatically be imported as an “Init” preset the first time you run version 1.1

Multi-client support on Windows

On Windows, there was a limitation to the number of applications that could connect to the virtual port created by VelPro

Now when the MIDI input is disabled, increase the Instances counter to create more virtual ports. The modified signal will get forwarded to all those ports. You can create up to 10 for each device.

David’s Journey to Repurpose His Beloved Vintage Piano with VelPro

David uses a QRS PNOscan II MIDI strip sensor hidden into his upright Steinway Model F from 1885.

The sensor sends MIDI data to a Surface tablet running Pianoteq from Modartt to synthesize realistic piano sounds.

VelPro processes this MIDI data before it hits the synthesizer. This way, David can have the exact musical response expected from a real piano.

Get Started in 3 Steps

Toggle Your Controller

Plug your controller
Select and enable it
Change the default velocity response

Use VelPro as an Input

In your favorite music app, select the [VelPro] prefixed MIDI input

Play on your keyboard as usual!

Play like you usually do. Your controller input automatically goes through VelPro before your music application.

Bonus: Explore finer settings and set a different curve for individual keys by unchecking their “use default” box.

Let’s Get Started

  • PC with Windows® 8 up to Windows® 10 – 64bit.
  • Mac with OSX 10.9 or more recent.
  • Compatible with Apple Silicon Chip M1 & M2
  • A USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

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