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VelPro is a velocity fixer for your USB MIDI keyboard controllers. It runs on Windows® and OSX®.

VelPro lets you create a custom response curve for each note of your keyboard. So if you're not satisfied with how your keyboard responds out of the box, you can correct its behaviour using our application.

To cope with the multitude of existing controllers, Velpro lets you customize:

  • The default response curve that will be applied to every note
  • Unless you tell it to use a specific curve:
    • For every black key
    • For every white key
    • For each individual note

How to use it?

Step 1 : Toggle your controller
  • Plug your controller
  • Select and enable it
  • Change the default velocity response
Step 2 : Use VelPro as an input

In your favorite music app, select the [VelPro] prefixed MIDI input

Step 3 : Play on your keyboard as usual!

Play like you usually do. Your controller input automatically goes through VelPro before your music application.

Bonus: Explore finer settings and set a different curve for individual keys by unchecking their "use default" box.


  • PC with Windows® 8 up to Windows® 10 - 64bit.
  • Mac with OSX 10.8 or more recent.
  • A USB MIDI Controller Keyboard


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