qrs pnoscan 2 on a Steinway model F running through velpro

VelPro 1.1 update

The latest version of VelPro has been released today. Please welcome version 1.1!

This version includes fixes to the bug that prevented users to hear some changes they made to the velocity curve until they reloaded the device.

But most importantly, it introduces a handful of new features:

The most requested feature of all: Presets for your devices


You can now create as many setups as you want for a given device, simply by clicking the “+” button on the top-right corner. Give the new preset any name you want, and start modifying the curves.

If you were using version 1.0, your settings will automatically be migrated to a default “Init” preset in the new version.

Speaking of Curve edition: Here is undo/redo


There are no reasons to fear editing your curves anymore, since you can now easily get back to the previous state by pressing Ctrl+Z (Command+Z on Macs).

Multi-client for Windows


And finally, for the Windows users who felt like Mac users where privileged, you can now connect several applications to VelPro through additional Virtual MIDI ports. When a device is disabled, a new “Instances” section will appear on the top-right corner, allowing you to define how many ports should be created when the device is enabled again. All those ports will received the MIDI transformed by VelPro at the same time.

A very big thanks to all the users that have kindly tested the 1.1.0 version and reported their findings so that everyone can have the smoothest experience with version 1.1.1.

Of course, owners of the 1.0 version get the update at no additional cost.

Learn more about VelPro and buy it here!