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Springbeats Free Virtual MIDI Cable

A few months ago we released our very own Virtual MIDI Cable Driver for Microsoft Windows.

Some users quickly reported that it was not recognized on the latest versions of Windows 10 (build 1607), because Microsoft now requires a different certification level than the one we had. We’re now proud to announce that we did what was required from Microsoft to solve the problem, and that is now working very well on those systems too 🙂

So if you had downloaded the previous version and encountered this kind of error:

Windows Signature Error

Be sure to checkout the latest release. Uninstall the previous version, and install this one instead.

But what does Springbeats Virtual MIDI Cable do exactly?

Glad you asked. It’s a Windows driver which installs 8 new MIDI devices on your system. Each of this device can be used to carry MIDI data from one application to the other. Just like a cable would do if you were dealing with hardware instead of software.

A typical example would be to route MIDI notes from your MIDI controller, that were first transformed by an application, to your DAW. You’d then be able to record the transformed notes. This is how AutoTheory works for instance. It takes the notes from your USB MIDI keyboard, changes them, and lets you get these changes in another app, via our Virtual MIDI Cable.

The good thing is : it’s totally free for personal uses! More than that, it is also opensource. The only restriction being you can’t embed it with your own app if you’re a developer, without our agreement.

Checkout the product page to read more and download.