AutoTheory 2 is here

As you probably know, we developed a very neat tool called AutoTheory for our buddies at MozaicBeats.

AutoTheory is a standalone application that acts as a MIDI controller for your Digital Audio Workstation, or any audio software that accepts MIDI input. You need to disable your MIDI Keyboard controller in your DAW and activate it in the AutoTheory settings.

Then, AutoTheory transforms the notes for you, according to the key and mode you chose. In the default setting, everything you’d play with your left hand on the keyboard will play a chord of this key and scale, and everything you play with your right hand plays the notes of the last chord you hit.

MozaicBeats created a nice video for you to understand all the features of this amazing little application:

Video doesn’t exist anymore.

As the developers, we’re very proud to announce that we rocked the version 2 🙂 It has the following new features:

  • More control for advanced users who’d like to bypass notes or use a traditional chromatic piano with the right hand, or output root notes with more flexibility.
  • New strum modes and chord types
  • The ability to control the transport of your DAW from AutoTheory
  • A new Chord Memory mode which lets you record 4 chords of different lengths and play them back so that you can use the changes in melody they imply.

You can buy it directly from their website or from plugin boutique.