Imagine you have a great product idea, but not the knowledge in audio software development to make it happen. Frustrating, isn't it?

At Springbeats, we make audio plugins and apps since before the company was incorporated (in 2012). We're fully qualified to help you make your idea a reality.

Our process doesn't just boil down to coding stuff, we're your partner during all the steps of creation:

  • ensuring product / market fit
  • challenging your features to ensure customers' needs are fulfilled
  • assistance during product definition
  • beautiful User Interfaces with a focus on user experience improvement
  • quality insurance
  • support

Tell Us About Your Project!

Examples of past projects:

  • Drum Machine VST
  • Dubstep sampler
  • Song trainer with slowing down features
  • MIDI notes constrainer and arpeggiator
  • ...

"Taking the AutoTheory concept and putting it into a format that was functional with all DAW's was a challenging process that presented many unforeseen obstacles. Throughout the process, Adrien worked very hard to ensure that the product was engineered to its full potential. His professionalism through the development phase was exceptional, and his expertise in coding was paramount in making the multiplatform version of AutoTheory everything that I hoped it would be."